Thursday, December 12, 2013

Appalachian Indians of the Warrior Mountains

In “Appalachian Indians of the Warrior Mountains,” Rickey Butch Walker tells our Indian history with an underlying deep love for Native places; he paints a picture before your eyes of the life and times of Indian people. Listen to the passion of Walker’s voice as he tells about the struggles of removal of his ancestors to a distant land. Embark through time as you realize the importance of our Native people to this country. Other historians start American history with Columbus, the founding presidents, or the first Thanksgiving; the truth is our ancestral way of life started way before the first European explorers. Indian people struggled for survival thousands of years prior to the first white settlers. Walker does an excellent job keeping our Indian past alive for present and future generations; he gives this gift to our youth in order for them to have a record of their ancestors. Without these stories being told, our Indian heritage would slowly fade from the pages of history.  ISBN 978-1-934610-72-5

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