Monday, July 11, 2011

Indian books

Lamar Marshall and I are re-doing an Indian trails book-Indian Trails of the Warrior Mountains and the Southeast.  The book will include ancient Indian trails that crosses the Great Bend of the Tennessee River at Chake Thlocko (The Great Crossing Place or Big Ford), the French Landing or Crossing (Cotton Gin Port) on the Chattawatchee (Tombigbee) River, and Ten Islands on the Coosa River.  The book will include the local and regional Indian trails that passed through the Warrior Mountains of  north Alabama and the Southeastern United States.  In the new version of the book, Lamar will include sections on the military and removal routes of the Cherokee people.  Look for this book to be in print by the first of 2012.

Also, I have completed some 150 pages of text in my new book-Doublehead: Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief.  This book will contain a section on Doublehead's family genealogy, military, political, business, land deals, conspiracy, and death.  The book will contain historic archival microfilm information concerning Doublehead, in addition to early historic maps and pictures.

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